Vuma Digital Solutions

About Vuma ​

Vuma Digital Solutions is an internet marketing company focused on assisting brands create & grow their online presence  by having responsive  Websites.

We have been effective for medium business and on the local level. 

When you work with us, you’ll know you
are working with an honest, proven firm focused on your success.

Our Values

  • Design
  • Professionalism
  • Customer Service
  • Prompt Delivery

It is one of our prime mission to help our customers create and build digital solutions that promote their Business Brands. As a result, they grow their business by enhancing their online presence thus reaching their Niche’ Market.

Vuma Digital Solutions is a digital marketing agency partnering with our clients to build brands to increase their online presence. We strive to enhance our clients’ awareness, improve their sales & foster their growth

Let's Encrypt SSL

SSL certificates are used to secure communications between a website, host or server, and end users who are connecting to that server.


A fully responsive website that will adjust itself to look good on whichever device you are using to view it

Reliable Hosting

Offering reliable and secure hosting with no down times round the clock.